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Varun – The Boy With Dreams

Varun is a 17-year-old Guitar student at Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust. He is XI grade humanities student who lost his eyesight in class 7th due to a brain tumour. He is a budding IAS aspirant and he finds his passion in music. His interest in music grew in the past year and he picked up the guitar because he always found his leaning towards this instrument after trying his hands on the Keyboard, Harmonium, Tabla and Dholak.

He had always been interested in music and got to know about Golden Shine through his friends and has been a part of it since the past 6 months. He also learns music in his school – Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya where syllabus-oriented classical vocals are taught.

He enjoys learning guitar and light classical music in Golden Shine’s weekly classes because it’s more friendly and suited to his learning needs. He admires and appreciates his talented teachers who are good at the art and teach him patiently. He has learnt the basics of classical singing and knows playing rhythms, chords, bar chords and solos on the guitar.

Before joining Golden Shine he was in a different music institute but he left that due to it not being PwD-friendly; although, the teachers were very talented and nice. He seeks to learn and perfect his skills in guitar-playing and wants to learn changing scales and finding chords on his own and smoothly transitioning between them. After that, he wants to take part in various competitions and platforms in his school or the Trust to showcase his talent. He has a motivated and musical environment around him.

His family has two generations of instrumentalists and his friends inspire him to always get better at what he does. He also uses YouTube tutorials to learn and understand music whenever he needs help. He owns his own guitar and practices 1 hour every day on an average. With exams coming up, music has taken a backseat in his life but he would want to keep his passion burning even though he does not want to make a career in it. He is willing to give his best to learn this skill and improving everyday by staying with Golden Shine.

Story By LSR NSS Volunteer