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Story of Manisha Rawat

Meet Manisha Rawat whose energy and passion for music is like lightning and empowering. She is a 2nd year Hindi (Hons) student at Aryabhatta College. For her, Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust is a platform to learn guitar and break away from the monotonous life. She learnt about the Trust through her friend and since then, she has been punctual for her classes.

Initially, in the beginning, it was hard for her to manage but her undying will to learn kept her going. In the past 4-5 months, she has only missed 1 class and she is extremely proud of this.
When asked about the music teachers at Golden Shine, she spoke highly about them and called them friendly and easy to get frank with.

The NGO taught her various aspects of playing the guitar like chords (major and minor), chord shifting and finger stretching exercises as well. Moreover, she has learnt songs like Raabta, Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells on tabs. She wishes to play guitar at a concert. Having an inclination towards Punjabi songs, she wants to play them on her guitar. Apart from learning guitar, she also knows the basics of the keyboard.

Manisha is full of enthusiasm and describes herself as honest punctual and friendly. Her positivity in life is boundless. This is reflected through her favourite quote – ‘Nobody is perfect’.