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The Relief Concert – Fight Against Coronavirus

As lockdown has limited all of us within the confines of our homes, the persons with disabilities are left stranded, not even getting access to the most basic requirements for survival, making their lives 10 times tougher than… Read More

Varun – The Boy With Dreams

Varun is a 17-year-old Guitar student at Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust. He is XI grade humanities student who lost his eyesight in class 7th due to a brain tumour. He is a budding IAS aspirant and he… Read More

Story of Manisha Rawat

Meet Manisha Rawat whose energy and passion for music is like lightning and empowering. She is a 2nd year Hindi (Hons) student at Aryabhatta College. For her, Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust is a platform to learn guitar… Read More

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