Name Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust + NAB Delhi



Music Affair 2.0

Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust and NAB Delhi are supremely proud to announce another musical concert which is one of its own kind as this will be an inclusive duet concert, where both, disabled and non-disabled artists will share the stage and spread the message of inclusivity through the melodies that they would sing from their hearts.

We have always tried to come up with concepts which are unique to the eyes and pleasing to the hearts and have always strived to present something extraordinary to our audience which they could cherish for their lifetime, so this time also. The concept is such that people would be left spellbound after witnessing the beautiful synchronization of these artists together.

It is very well said that alone we can do so little and together we can do so much that is why we want to reach out to you so that we can do wonders for these artists together.

Our aim is to shed stereotypes around music and disability by using music as a tool to transform the perception of the society about artists with disabilities.
Our motto for the event is- CREATIVITY, INCLUSIVITY, DIVERSITY


India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi 110003