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Music is not an instant cup of coffee. It’s dedication and perseverance which are two basic goals to success.”

– Mr. Ankur Gupta

Golden Shine Cultural Welfare Trust since the beginning has vowed to bring up the hidden talent of less privileged children and students of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category who are the soul keepers to reach the zenith. Keeping benevolence spirits in mind, Mr. Ankur Gupta, one of the founding members of this organization has been striving hard with all he could, to give a positive exposure to these talented children.

>> To conduct workshops for the betterment of one self whenever required.
>> To rekindle the traditional culture and weave them into beautiful chapters of eminent guests performing at various levels of music.
>> To organise various kinds of entertainment events at old age homes, orphanages and prisons from time to time.


Ankur Gupta

Managing Trustee

Chetna Nagpal

Managing Trustee

Mohit Rathore

Chief Advisor

Ajay Passi

Chief Advisor

Bharat Khurana

Consultant Advisor


Catalyzing a platform to find out young talents and fulfill their dreams in Music

The rationale behind the setting up of the programme comes from the inspiration of the musical events conducted by Goldenshine Cultural Welfare Trust in the previous years where they were given a platform to showcase their musical talents vividly portraying themselves and this was a difficult task to groom children ,adults to overcome the fear of their body reluctance and yet mustering the courage to come up because there has always been opportunities for academic , sports and other cultural acitivities or even reality shows where not everyone can afford the travel, audition expenses and to build trust upon yourself and then your family is indeed tough and challenging.

Saakaar aims at providing scholarship to young talents in music who have profound interest in different fields of music but fail to achieve so due to less financial stability and belong to the weaker economically section of the society.
To bring a ray of hope in their lives , to be in the realm of what a family is and what love means , we are looking for sponsors who can adopt and sponsor a child for the same.

The objective for the proposed project is to teach and educate these students and make them worth for employment so that they are able to stand on their own feet without any regrets in life giving them options within our Welfare Trust itself where online classes, tutorials, offline classes will be taken up and conducted and aspiring teachers can impart knowledge and learn through them.

Students will be offered two classes per week with 45 minutes devoted to each of the 3 people in a batch wherein they can avail the full facility of accessing the help of teachers , instruments.

To fill in their hearts with inspirations and aspirations, we provide a blooming faculty and organizers who are well versed in the music arena, and having experiences of sharing stages with legends like Javed Akhtar organized events Parwaz-e-ghazal, Noor-e-Sufi which to the core had it all digging out talents and presenting to the world. What PWDs need most is an understanding, unbiased and non judgmental acceptance in society because an artist is a person who should be recognized by his talent not by his disability.

The per student budget account to ₹ 30,000 for 1 year segregated into:
₹ 2,250 x 12 months = ₹ 27,000 of which approx.
₹ 3000 = examination fee

An additional cost of ₹ 10,000 for instruments if required.